This Ain’t No Party!

Not infrequently someone tells me they’d be interested in an acupuncture treatment because they love it. To be honest this sounds a bit odd to me. Like you telling your doctor you want a prescription because you love taking pills.

My approach to health is one of problem-solving. There has to be a concrete problem for me to solve or help improve. If something is worth your seeking help, you will be asked to make sacrifices. It will not be “a treatment”, it will be from a few to more than ten. It will not be up from the word go. It will take time and you will spend money before you see results. Also, acupuncture cannot compensate for poor lifestyle patterns or patterns. Only drugs can do that, acupuncture is not that powerful.

This doesn’t look like an advertisement for acupuncture, does it?! And it isn’t meant to be. This ain’t no party, and there’s no messing about.

But if I take you on, it means I am pretty sure I can help.

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